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JacksAdvice launched in 2017 with award-winning authors providing tips and advice with a fresh approach across the digital spectrum.

Our aim is to help our readers with queries, questions and best practices they might have when it comes to tech – plain and simple.

become a contributorSo if you feel your skill, expertise and creative flair in one of the categories below is a good mix for us and you’d like to become a contributor, then we’d love to hear from you. But before you submit a guest post to JacksAdvice, make sure to read the following guidelines to ensure your article gets approved.

How can you become a contributor at JacksAdvice?

We welcome regular contributors and guest articles, however, we have a stringent policy in relation to content.

So please read the following guidelines before submitting your interest:
  • Above all, the article must provide value to the reader.
  • Article formats should be Guides, How-to, Lists, Best Of, Tips and Advice, Useful hacks etc.
  • It must be unique content. We don’t accept duplicate content from other sites, and all articles will be checked through a number of systems to ensure it is unique.
  • All articles should be a minimum of 800 words
  • Make sure to use H1 & H2 headings within the article
  • We will only accept quality work.
  • We expect that keyword research has been completed on the content and titles being submitted. If not, please conduct it before submitting your content piece.
  • Images submitted must be 750×430 pixels in dimension. The exception to this rule is with the use of infographics. However, the infographics should be a maximum of 750 pixels wide. All images should be 50kb or under in file size. Infographics again are the exception to this.
  • We do accept videos and screenshots.
  • Backlinks included within pieces of work must have a purpose. We don’t publish articles just for the sake of you gaining backlinks. All backlinks will be vetted before publishing the article. If they have a purpose that matches the context of the article they will be considered. If however, we deem at any stage that the backlink should be altered or removed, we reserve the right to do so without notification to the author of the content piece.
  • No more than 3 links should be pointing back to a domain within your piece. If you think your article should be an exception to this due to the nature of the topic, discuss it with us before conducting the work. Typical articles that would fall into the category of exclusion for this would be “List articles”
  • We do not accept affiliate links.
  • We do not accept promotional or advertorial content pieces as submissions. If however, companies would like us to feature a sponsored post, get in contact to discuss.
  • You will receive full credit for the article.
  • Copyright is something we take seriously. In the event of a discovery of copyright infringement, we will remove all content you have submitted and you will be banned from contributing to JacksAdvice.
  • If your article needs adjustments or refinement, we will let you know prior to publication.
  • Submission of content does not guarantee we will publish them. We only accept quality pieces of work. If your contribution needs a lot of editing, it will probably be rejected. If minor edits are needed, we may conduct them ourselves prior to publication without notice. If future edits are needed to the article for digital marketing purposes, we reserve the right to do so without notification.
  • Regular Contributors, once approved are provided with their own JacksAdvice author profile, where you can submit content from the dashboard to be published.
  • We require a headshot and bio for all contributors. Please submit this when sending in your content.

What topics do we accept articles on?

By having a look through the content on JacksAdvice to get a feel for what we accept, you’ll see that topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Technology
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Online Advertising
  • Website Design & Development
  • Apps
  • Gadgets

Please note, by submitting your content piece for consideration, you are deemed to have accepted the above guidelines.

To submit your idea, please email us at [email protected]

Connect with us to keep up to date as we publish new content.

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